Technology is a major part of our lives today. We are constantly texting, emailing, calling, tweeting, uploading posts to Instagram, snap chatting, and updating our Facebook page. This week our professor asked us to disconnect from technology for 24 hours. I, however, did not disconnect for 24 hours and just thinking about it seemed impossible. But, I did disconnect for an hour at the car wash waiting and observing all of the people there. It was so interesting to see how many people were just on their phones and sitting far away on the benches from one another. One person even moved his spot at a bench to another empty bench because someone came and sat mid way in the bench somewhat close near him. No one talked to one another except right before I left one guy went up and started talking to this one woman, but that conversation ended up with them each looking at their phones. Overall, it is amazing and quite sad how attached our society is with technology. We get instant gratification by connecting to social media, texting, and calling. It is important for us to recognize and disconnect to make personal connections with one another.

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