Vitamin D

  • Who??
    • Chronic kidney patient’s receive Vitamin D
  • What??
    • Class: vitamin
    • Pharmokinetics: Vitamin D is absorbed well both IV and orally, and converted to its active form by the liver.
  • When??
    • orally the medication is given during dialysis
    • IV administration is at the end of a hemodialysis period
  • Where??
    • can be given where every dialysis occurs
  • Why??
    • Chronic kidney patient’s receive Vitamin to help if they are nutritionally deficient in phosphorous and calcium. This is accomplished by absorption of calcium and decreasing parathyroid hormone concentrations.
  • How??
    • Orally dialysis patients receive 10 mcg three times a week, not exceeding 20 mcg three times a week.
    • Intravenously patients receive 4 mcg three times a week with a maximum dose of 6 mcg three times weekly.

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